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Medicare is My Middle Name

Medicare is My Middle Name

Medicare… the dreaded M word. I talk with clients everyday that weed through marketing material just to get to the bottom of the stack and be more confused.  Part A? Part D? Advantage plan? Part C?  What does all these mean?

Let me help you navigate the “M” word… I mean I love the letter M! My name is Megan, my middle name is Marie. I am a middle child that loves mustard and macaroni and cheese! I have spent years helping people and have several years focused on Medicare eligible clients. This has been the MOON in my moon pie!

I work individually with clients. I think it is important for me to understand what an individual needs regarding medical and prescription drug plans.  I also spend time making sure clients understand how Medicare plans differ in cost and coverage. As we all know, Medicare is not a one size fits all!

So, let’s talk about the “M” word. I promise it is not as dreaded as you think!