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Why Work with a Medicare broker?

Why work with a Medicare broker?

The internet has changed much of how we go through our daily life. From ordering groceries online to scheduling you pet’s grooming appointment, access to online portals and websites have simplified how we do business.

As you know, there are numerous website sites, informational blogs and even YouTube videos that explain Medicare plans. That is fine and all, but understanding and applying that information to your individual situation, is anything but simple!

That is where Canaday Agency – Senior Solutions can help!


Benefits to working with our team!

  1. Medicare expertise. If you are close to Medicare eligibility you may be overwhelmed with the information you receive in the mail or conversations you have friends. Our agency has completed certifications with every carrier and can guide you through the coverages, copays, deductibles, etc. Working with our agency offers you access to all plans that are available to you, allowing you to select the plan that is right for your situation.
  2. Saves time. “The sun is gonna set too soon!” my Grandma Lucille used to say. Everyone is busy, and time is valuable. Our team can narrow down plan options that fit your situation, so you are not researching plans that may or may not fit your needs.
  3. Provides options. We are a broker with access to all major carriers. Because of this, we can compare each carrier for you, allowing us to provide an unbiased opinion on which plans would work for you. We can then talk about the pros and cons of each, allowing you to make the decision on which will work best.
  4. No cost to you. Simple as this… our agency does not charge a fee. We are paid a commission off the policies we sell and will never ask a client to pay for services our agency provides.
  5. Service after the sale. Our relationship does not end after the application is approved. We pride ourselves on helping our clients after they receive their ID cards. Whether it is as simple as “I lost my card, what do I do?” or “Why did I get this bill?”, we can help navigate those situations.
  6. Annual Reviews. Medicare also allows certain times that changes can be made to an existing plan. Our Agency is available for annual reviews on your Medicare Supplement Plans, as well as plan comparisons on Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) or Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) during the Annual Enrollment Period (Oct 15th – Dec 7th),

Working with our team is more than just the initial application, it’s about building a relationship. Our clients’ needs will change, the plan coverages and Medicare rules can change. It’s important for us to build a lasting relationship with our clients, so you can rely on us to make it simple!

Give us a call! Let’s talk about your situation!